Sensors from Bay SensorTec make vehicles safer

Crash sensors & sensors for driving comfort and brake tests

Thanks to the close integration of manufacturing and checking sensors, the expert team at Bay SensorTec is able to produce high-performance accelerometers and gyroscopes for the automotive industry.

Bay SensorTec combines uniaxial and triaxial designs and enables precise measurements for many tests and routine examinations, such as endurance tests.

The flexibility and small size of the safety sensors enable the integration in hard-to-reach places, such as crash test dummies, which opens up a completely new level of freedom for its users.

The requirements range from small measuring ranges of 2 g for driving comfort to 2000 g for crash tests. In between, the range for tests on axes is between 50 g and 100 g.

Accelerometers and gyroscopes are widely used in the automotive industry:

Bay SensorTec offers you a highly sophisticated portfolio of sensor technologies and many years of expertise in applications  based on extensive experience from numerous customer projects.

Sensors for vehicle safety

Piezoresistive accelerometers developed for the automotive industry

Bay SensorTec supplies the automotive industry with in-house crash sensors made in Germany and provides its customers with expert knowledge for technically challenging application requirements.

As a customer, you benefit from our first-class piezoresistive accelerometers, which have been developed for the following applications:

  • Safety tests on vehicles
  • Slide tests
  • Dummy tests

Depending on the application, both uniaxial and triaxial constructions are available with damping rates between 0.05 and 0.7. We are also happy to adapt the housings for use in confined spaces according to your specific requirements.

All of our crash sensor models offer the signal of a full bridge and are equipped with low-microphone, robust cables.

When it comes to vehicle safety, you can rely on Bay SensorTec’s sensors. All of our crash sensors meet the requirements of SAE J211.

Automotive sensors for the driving comfort measurement

Standard and customized measuring solutions at the highest level

Bay SensorTec works closely with its customers to identify and meet their exact requirements. Designed according to the capacitive operating principle, our sensors are used in various areas of vehicle construction:

  • Strength test on body and chassis
  • Transfer of engine vibrations to other components

For this purpose, the capacitive sensors and the related measurement technology, including cables, must meet special requirements:

  • Reliable measurements in a wide frequency range down to 0 Hz
  • Fundamental frequency up to approx. 5 kHz
  • Large operating temperature range -25° C and 100° C

We offer capacitive sensors with measuring ranges between +/- 2 g and +/-200 g. In addition, we can offer you individual housings that are specially designed for use in cars or trucks.

Let us advise you on which shock resistance requirements your sensors must meet and which cable enables unadulterated data transmission. We are happy to assist you with our long-standing experience and equipment from our measuring and calibration laboratory.

Sensor technology for operational stability in cars and trucks

High-precision and extremely robust measurement technology made in Germany

In the automotive sector, it is important to be able to predict how components will behave under exposure and how their operational strength changes over time. This makes operational stability tests indispensable in almost all industrial applications.

Bay SensorTec has dedicated itself to the development of special sensors to optimally fulfill the specific requirements of test applications – whether as applications in cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses or construction equipment.

With our capacitive sensors you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Fundamental frequency up to approx. 2,5 kHz
  • Wide range of applications at temperatures from -25° C to 100° C
  • Measuring ranges up to +/- 200 g

Sensors that can measure DC from as little as 0 Hz and impress with their high shock resistance. To match this, we equip our shock sensors with flexible, robust cables that can be easily routed through the vehicle.

On request, we also supply customer-specific housing types, which are adapted to individual requirements depending on the dimensions and material. Contact us for tailor-made measurement technology solutions made in Germany.