Energy sector

Sensors for the energy sector

Robust and versatile measurement technology MADE IN GERMANY

Our sensors have been specially developed for use in demanding areas. the material and shape of the housings can be individually adapted to your requirements.

The triaxial sensors are suitable, for example, for wind power plants to measure vibrations in the tower, on the gearbox or on the propellers. with the data obtained, you can arm yourself against adverse weather conditions, bird flight and other dangers.

In addition to sensors for wind turbines, we also offer a number of other solutions for the energy industry, such as sensors for vibration measurements in and on oil rigs or ships.

A large signal-to-noise ratio, a robust housing and the appropriate cables together with a needs-based calibration form the basis for reliable measurement results.

Thanks to our own laboratory, we calibrate your sensors according to specifications in order to provide precise measurement data for the application.