Acceleration sensors from the house of Bay

Concentrated experience in measurement technology Made in Germany

Benefit from the selection of Bay SensorTec accelerometers, which are available in both capacitive and piezoresistive versions. Both technologies are available as uniaxial and triaxial sensors, and thus form a reliable basis for every measuring system.

Our range of high-precision piezoresistive accelerometers has a very good signal-to-noise ratio and was developed for measuring large measuring ranges, which are particularly relevant for automotive crashes. Piezoresistive accelerometers of Bay SensorTec feature a Wheatstone full bridge and have a 6-meter cable as standard which is very robust and flexible and can be connected to all major data acquisition systems.

Our capacitive accelerometers also cover a wide range of applications and have been specially developed for measuring the smallest amplitudes. Its measuring range extends up to ± 200 g and thanks to their extremely compact design, these accelerometers are ideally suited for measurement applications in installation positions which are particularly hard-to-reach.