Bay SensorTec IMU Sensors – Safety is what counts

Designed for optimal use in automotive safety crash tests

Based on capacitive and piezoresitive technology, Bay SensorTec’s inertial sensors offer users a high-precision solution for measuring static and dynamic movements – thus, the IMU sensors cover everything from very small measuring ranges to crash sensors.

The models BST IMU-C and BST IMU-CC are IMU sensors with 6 degrees of freedom, each combining 3 piezoresistive accelerometers with 3 gyro sensors. These IMU sensors are designed for applications with high shocks and high speeds especially for crash test and slide test applications.

Minimal power consumption, compact size and low weight not only make it easy to install in hard-to-reach mounting locations, but also make the Bay SensorTec inertial sensor the best choice in the field of vehicle safety.

The BST IMU-M model is an acceleration sensor based on capacitive technology with 6 degrees of freedom, which mainly covers small measuring ranges. In the smallest space, one sensing element for acceleration per axis and sensing element for gyro per direction of rotation are installed. The signals are amplified and temperature compensated.

Our inertial sensors have been developed with the aim of collecting reliable and accurate data required to ensure measurement in the areas of driving comfort, rail vehicles or wind turbines.

All our IMU sensors are designed to connect to all data acquisition systems, giving users maximum flexibility.