Gyroscopes made in Germany

Gyro sensors with high precision especially for crash tests

Driven by challenging projects from our customers, Bay SensorTec has built an excellent worldwide reputation for developing and manufacturing reliable gyroscopes for industry-specific requirements, even in wide temperature ranges and in the event of strong shocks.

The BST 83G series are gyro sensors with uniaxial or triaxial operation. They offer high measuring ranges and an ultra-small design, which means that the aluminum housing can be easily integrated even in confined spaces.

The PUR cable used in the gyro sensors, which can be routed through even the smallest openings and slots, is uncompromising in terms of robustness and reliability.                                                      

Our yaw rate sensors are used wherever precise measurements are required. Made in Germany, our gyroscopes are used in vehicle development, for measurements on wind turbines, buildings or bridges or in the development and testing of rail and commercial vehicles.